Many of our clients come to us at the early stages of a project. We can offer our expertise and advice on available options, enabling our clients to make the best informed choices on their project.

We undertake site visits assessing the environment, access and loading, considering not simply the construction and installation, but removal, disposal or potential re-use of any build items before the job is even built. Each of our clients are unique, each of their projects are individually tailored and site specific.

We can advise on the limitations and benefits of working with any given material, mock up bespoke samples for your client, pantone match, giving various options on sheen to matt percentages so that you can see and feel exact samples of your chosen finish.

Using the most advanced systems of 3D computer aided design, pre-visualisation and computer rendering, we produce walk through sequences, 360 degree rotations, computerised drawings, exploded plans of build items and floor plans.

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