Reducing our Carbon Footprint

With a bigger workshop footprint comes a smaller carbon footprint

Here at Diagon we are big believers in fair play and take our Corporate Social Responsibility very seriously. We understand that with our new workshop space or rather, our bigger physical footprint comes a larger carbon footprint.

Working with the Woodland Trust as a Woodland Carbon Partner, we participate in a local carbon mitigation solution and to commemorate the opening of our new workshop extension we have committed to plant a further 1000 new native trees in the 858-acre Heartwood Forest in Sandridge, Hertfordshire.

Trees are nature’s most effective tool in helping cool down our planet. They naturally remove harmful carbon dioxide emissions from the atmosphere helping to cleanse and purify the air.

Growing trees capture and store atmospheric carbon. One quarter of a living tree’s weight is carbon: this remains locked safely away until the tree is either burned or decomposes.

Like many other businesses, we do generate large amounts of carbon which contribute to higher levels of greenhouse gas emissions in our atmosphere. Wherever possible we act responsibly to reduce our carbon emissions and support a more sustainable environment.

We already recycle our waste materials; use and re-use FSC certified timber and sheet materials; have a CO2 friendly secondary wood waste fuel heating system that heats our workshops; and already support a rainforest conservation scheme in Peru (follow Harry in Peru in our separate news post), but by participating in the Woodland Trust’s Carbon Capture scheme and planting native species of woodland trees right here in the UK we are able to not only lock away carbon locally but also help create a place where everyone can find space, peace, wildlife and miles of beautiful woodland to explore.



Find us, see what we do and how we do it at Diagon at Thameside, Crabtree Manorway South, DA17 6BJ or go for a stroll in Hartwood Forest.

Heartwood Forest lies on either side of the B651, between Harpenden, Wheathampstead and Sandridge. 3 miles north of St Albans in Hertfordshire and only 20 miles from Central London.

Diagon are staying home

Diagon are staying home and we hope you are too. We're taking measures to mitigate risk in light of the current epidemic and we want to keep you updated.

Tom Sabin appointed as Managing Director

We welcome Tom Sabin to the team as we embark on an exciting 2020.


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